Claire writes and produces with her company Stained Tie Films

Triggered (In Production) – Writer/Producer/Star –Colleagues, Charlie and Razor, embark on a work-place relationship. Problem is, when you’re both assassins, relationships can be lethal.

Take Your Mark (Short currently in festivals) – Producer – A former pro-athlete comes to realize his pride is more important than his family.

Off The Menu (Digital Series for FullScreen) – Producer – Based on the popular app “Off The Menu”, various hosts eat at some of America’s finest joints, but only, off the menu.

Who Is Hannah (Award winning Short for CBC) – Co-Writer/Producer/Star –The awkward and unlikely tale of how one girl meets her dead dad.

Out Of Work (web series)— Co-Writer/Producer/Star — A reality show follows two actors as they attempt to “get work” in and out of the business. They think they’ve made it, but the jokes on them!